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About Us

We are a 100% Australian family owned and managed commercial cleaning company with over 50 years experience and have been operating since 1984 servicing the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As a family company we not only take pride in our work but also the clients we work for. Because of our strong work ethics and our approach to cleaning we can boast that our clients stay with us for years averaging from a minimum of 7 years to 16 years and still going strong. Our aim with all new clients is to enter a partnership to last at least 10 years providing the best service to our clients. Originally starting out as a one man operation, JCS Commercial Cleaners has now grown to a small company based in Bayswater with friendly, vetted and trustworthy staff who share the same work ethics and approach to cleaning as JCS prides themselves on.


Secure Services

Fully insured

On Time

Quality Services

Office Cleaning

JCS Commercial Cleaners provides professional office cleaning services and attention to detail to meet

Warehouse Cleaning

Delivering experienced and reliable high pressure warehouse cleaning services across major parts

Factory Cleaning

Commercial cleaning has its unique challenges. Floors accumulate dirt and dust faster and greasy surfaces

Showroom Cleaning

We are a re-known cleaning company in Victoria, providing cleaning and polishing services

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Our Works



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The work done was so perfect and satisfying.I highly recommend.

Arrived on time and were fast, professional and efficient. Explained what services the were to provide and reconfirmed the quoted amount as accurate.


I highly recommend. The team are friendly, very efficient, thorough and professional. Punctual and reliable.

I got the dates mixed up, they were on time BOTH times they came and they did an exceptional job – A++ to this company