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When you work in an office, you spend the majority of your waking hours there which is why having a clean environment is extremely essential. A good work environment requires cleanliness and order – something that JCS Commercial Cleaners excels at. It is impossible to overestimate the value of cleanliness to one’s health, happiness, and productivity, especially after the COVID pandemic.

Unsanitary workspaces can lead to health and safety hazards, as well as poor public reputation. It is a challenge to keep track of all of the cleaning supplies required by the company’s in-house cleaners to maintain a healthy work environment. A professional office cleaning firm like JCS Commercial Cleaners, on the other hand, ensures that your premises are always pristine and sanitised no matter the hour.

Office Cleaning Services Offered by JCS Commercial Cleaners

Clean office premises have a positive impact on employees. Nobody likes to work in a dingy environment, surrounded by dirt and dust. It is not only physically revolting, but harmful to your health. This is where office cleaning services offered by JCS Commercial Cleaners prove their worth. Let us look at a few of the cleaning services we provide.

  • Sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning – Most businesses receive a consistent stream of customers and visitors throughout their working hours. This results in unhygienic floors and spaces. Our cleaning services cover the most basic aspects pertaining to the floors, regardless of the material. Cleaning floors regularly not only maintains them but also reduces the spread of dirt and dust.
  • Surface cleaning – Dust collects on workstations, computers, and other items of equipment, in addition to carpets. Allergies are triggered by a dusty environment, which can reduce productivity. Our cleaners utilise ecologically friendly cleaning products and industrial-sized dusters to ensure your office is dust-free.
  • Window cleaning – Glass is used in windows, doors, tables, dividers, or even the full facade of a structure; which is typical of office buildings. Since glass is transparent, even the smallest dust particles give off an unfavourable impression. As part of our office cleaning services, we offer spot cleaning and complete cleaning of glass for that spotless finish.
  • Specific cleaning – In addition to the aforementioned services, we also offer customisable packages to a variety of businesses. We also take care of, alongside specialised add-ons, including professionally cleaned showers and restrooms.

Employees miss an average of nine days of work each year owing to illness, which can be attributed in part to a lack of hygiene at the workplace. Sixty per cent of all absences are due to work-related sickness. Many absences are caused by dirty office equipment, such as those containing E. coli, staph, and other illnesses.

An office phone has 25,127 germs per square inch, which translates to 66 percent of office workers exchanging phones and computers. A typical workplace keyboard may harbour up to 7,500 germs. Disinfecting workstations and electronic equipment at least once a day is key to avoid infections like the flu.

The figures are just too massive to ignore. This is why professional office cleaning companies like JCS Commercial Cleaners have come to the forefront. We have made a sizable difference in Cranbourne with the plethora of services we are offering companies. Workplace upkeep and corporate expansion are inextricably linked and that is where we come into our own.

Reliable Professional Office Cleaning Services in Cranbourne

JCS Commercial Cleaners has been providing high-quality office cleaning services to businesses in Cranbourne for over three decades. Our team of cleaners utilise only the best cleaning processes and materials. We provide after-hours office cleaning services to avoid interrupting your employees during work hours. This keeps downtimes to a minimum and saves you precious time and money.

This also ensures that your office is ready when you arrive the next day. Clients can choose between a daily or weekly cleaning schedule depending on their convenience. We recommend daily cleaning for a busy office with a large number of employees. For smaller firms with fewer employees, weekly cleaning is a possibility.

You can rely on us for professional cleaning services without any hassles. We provide holistic cleaning solutions that are safe and effective for our clients and the environment. Customers can look forward to a 24-hour response to any concern they may have regarding the quality of our work and service.

If you require a complete cleaning of your workplace, feel free to call us on 1300 618 240 to discuss our professional office cleaning services. For any additional queries, you may also write to us at Once we receive your request, our support team will contact you at the earliest to discuss the same.

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